• 5-Year Warranty

    We provide a 5-year warranty - and the HVAC Smart Chip is compatible with most systems and does not void any warranty.
  • Saves 15 - 30%

    The HVAC Smart Chip provides an average reduction in energy consumption of 15% to 30%.
  • Excellent ROI

    The average Return on Investment (ROI) is 12 to 18 months or less.
  • Extends System Life

    By cutting the run time 50-70 days per year, the chip extends the life of your HVAC units.
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Save Money Now

  • Average Reduction in Energy Consumption 15% to 30%

  • Average Return on Investment 12 to 18 Months or Less

  • Does Not Void any Manufactures Warranty

  • Extends the Life of Your System by Cutting  Run Time 60-90 Days per Year

  • Hassle Free with No Recurring Cost

  • Compatible with most Systems and Stats

  • Finance the Chip, Let Your Saving Cover the Cost

  • The HVAC SmartChip is reusable - take it with you when you move

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Start Making a Difference Today

  • Free one year HVAC system maintenance available with the purchase of either the HVAC SmartChip or EnerG2

Lower Utility BIlls

Tired of your Utility Bills Going Up Every Year?

Start Saving Today, With Our No Risk Utility Saving Guarantee.  If you don’t save the cost of the chips in the first 18 months, we will rebate the difference.  No Risk to You.

According to Department of Energy up to 55% of total energy costs come from HVAC Systems.

The HVAC Smart Chip study commissioned by the California Energy Commission (CEC), conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric, showed that simple changes to the way your HVAC fan works can increase the energy efficiency in your heating and air conditioning system up to 29% with an average saving of 15%

By extending the fan cycle for a longer period of time after the heating and cooling cycle is complete, latent heating and cooling is captured that would have otherwise dissipated. Most manufactures of HVAC systems have no fan delay or one of an additional ninety (90) seconds, but CEC studies have revealed that a longer fan cycle yields better energy efficiency.

 The HVAC SMART Chip PLUS uses intelligence to ensure optimum performance is delivered every cycle.

Built with 2X’s the Intelligence>.

The HVAC Smart Chip PLUS is a simple retro fit and has dual microprocessors that operate in both heating and cooling modes. The first microprocessor monitors system cycle time and adjusts the HVAC fan to stay on for an extended amount of time after the cooling or heating unit cycles off. Most systems are designed for the fan to turn off after 60-90 seconds. It RECORDS how long the cooling or heating unit has been running and AUTOMATICALLY PROGRAMS the fan to remain on for a precise amount of extended time, thus utilizing additional hot or cold air left in the system that would have been wasted and subsequently reduces the number of times the HVAC systems cycles on/off.

The second microprocessor is built with COMPRESSOR SAVING TECHNOLOCGY- for all systems cycling 30 minutes or greater, the compressor will automatically get a 5 minute reprieve, allowing for maximum benefit without any additional wear and tear on the compressor, producing additional electric bill savings.

The end result is better system efficiency, no wasted energy; reducing utility cost all while maintaining the comfort of your home.

HVAC SmartChip Details


The HVAC Smart Chip comes with a five (5) year
unconditional replacement warranty.

If for any reason the HVAC Smart Chip fails to perform within five years of purchase date we will replace it for free.